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Troubleshooting Alternator

Iíve have Ď83 300 Turbo Diesel. My battery recently went dead while driving the car. The strange thing is that my alternator light never went on to indicate I was having a problem with the battery charge. I recharged the battery and the car starts but I am not getting a charge back to the battery. Iím monitoring the battery with a volt meter and over a weeks period I see the battery slowing loosing its charge. I have noticed that the battery check light and the yellow brake light that momentarily turn on during the ignition test are not lighting up. Only once in the last week I have seen the lights go on during ignition start up so I know they are not burned out. Which leads me to believe that my alternator my not be the source of the problem but some other bad connection. I had my alternator replaced about 5 years ago, the belt is fine and the alternator is turning. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this problem myself before I take it to my mechanic where he will suggest a new alternator?

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