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For Brookspw,
The head job at the machine shop is around $350 plus gaskets, sealer and maybe tools (depending on what you have).
In my case, the machine shop did an excellent job. They removed and re-install everything on the head. I did ask before I took it in. They said they could it so, I did not mess with it. They replaced the guides and seals and checked and refreshed the head in general. They shaved 3 thousands? off the head since it was warped. According to them, overall, the head was in good shape.
The "pulley" did cost $8.00. Just a piece of nylon rope and a fence metal post from home depot for $5. Two people pulling up on the post across the engine while another person guiding the head. Total for the pulley only $13. It is your money...and back.
I hope the picture works!
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