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it's diffficult for me to figure out why anyone wanted[wants] that electronic junk.

it's the nonsense that caused me to retain my old benzes and acquire more old benzes instead of buying the new "junk".

it should also be of interest that drivers using these navigation systems while driving are slowly being recognized as being more of a road hazard than drivers who exceed the blood alcohol levels of .08 - .1.

those drivers who have a glass or two of wine and will go to jail for DUI[DWI] within this new and old threshold in texas are less of a problem than the teetotaling zombies who are engaged in reading the navigation systems' lcd screen while driving on the public's roadways.

in my view, these navigation systems should be outlawed. and the penalty for using them while driving should be equivalent to those penalties for DUI.

any arguments? i thought not.

beam me up scotty.
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