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It is running a lot better. It starts right away. However, to be honest, I also did change the spark plugs, rotor and distributor cap may be a combination of things. NO leaks so far. I may change the oil and filter within the next 100 miles.
No speeding tickets because I am respect the speeding limits... bla, bla, bla...:p
Since this was my first time doing a MB head, it took me a good 4-6 hours disassembled the head. The lower front cover added another 4-6 hours. Reassembly is a lot faster since you know where things go. Another 6 hours. I guess Larry is about right.
Neumman (a local forum member) helped me a lot. I would recommend you get somebodys help, even if they are not familiar with MB's and don't try this without the manuals.
The machine shop turn around was about three days.
By the way, I am not a pro by any means, just an enthusiastic DIY'er.
Good luck!
'86 300E
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