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Your basic problem is you have too much tire. i have found that front end to loose huge amounts of toe in under the load of those tires.

I'm slightly confused about that. Aren't there dozens of 500E owners with the exact wheels and tires that are 245/45/17? If not bigger? I understand that every car is a little different, but shouldn't it be able to handle it? Does the toe reading on my car look ok?

I saw no CASTER readings. There should have been at least one degree less CASTER on the side it is not pulling to (right pull - CASTER low on left to correct).

I actually saw that there were no caster readings and found it a litlte odd. So I called up the dealer to ask where they were. They said that they had put the car up on the alignment rack twice. The first time is the readings that i posted. They didn't do the caster because they said that my steering wheel was not centered, so they had to center it, center the steering box, and then put it back on the rack. He's faxing me the second alignment measurements tomorrow.

Do you suggest I get new tires? I dropped $1000 on the 4 tires because I wanted to put good tires on it. It kind of sucks to hear that it could have been worthless.

It should of had atleast .5deg of cross CAMBER to deal with the condition.

Do you suggest that I ask them to increase the cross camber to deal with the pulling? right now its -0.1deg

I don't see where anyone made an attempt to alter this condition through alignment.

i think that's because they want to find the problem. Isn't it better to figure out why its pulling rather than to just overcompensate one side or play with some adjustments to make it right? If somethings not right, I'd rather find whats wrong than "jerry rig" the alignment if you know what I mean.
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