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Question S500 140 Transmission Went Crazy For 15 Minutes! Help Me Figure This One Out!

OK, here we go so get ready!

I had been driving my 94' S500 for 3-4 hours as always during the day. I stop for 20 minutes, get back in the car put it in reverse, then drive and it starts in 1st gear. Yes, 1st gear not second. It will not shift between gears until it get's to 3,500 RPM. This is through out the gears. I drove 2-3 miles trying to get it to function correct. Finally, I was going about 45 and the car was in 2nd gear and I put it in Neutral, let it coast for 3-4 seconds and put into drive and it went into 4th gear. At the next light I held my breath. From there it has not caused a problem. or messed up at all and I have driven it now another 300 miles. Shifts fine just like always. Transmission was rebuit by Mercedes 30K ago, and the 1st fluid and filter change was done 6K ago. When the change was done there was NO problems at all. Pan and filter was as clean as could be.

Help me out here. What should my next step be? The mechanic that did the rebuild said if he pulled the valve body to inspect it for trash he did not think he would be able to find anything.

This has us all boggled! HELP!

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