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Thumbs up 560sel motor mount update

Thank you to all who have helped.

The motor mounts were split! Now I know why the engine would shake during idle. The engine lifted about 2 inches with the one new mount.

The two other small bolts were a pain. People next door went to eat and came back. I was under the car the entire time.

I will do the other side (drivers side) today. Should I loosen the pass. mount in order not to damage the new mount?

Should I take apart the linkage in order to access the drivers side?

Has anyone used blue locktite on the bolts?

I went to Pep Boys to buy the smaller allen. I cut it to about two inches. I then put the cut allen in to the bolt. Holding the top of the allen with my index finger - I turned the allen with a small combination wrench. It was the only way to turn it without having to fit it many times.

Thank you

Nick Mendoza

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