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Jethro Tull
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"79 R107/450SL Vac. line help, please.

I've got a '79 450SL setting in my shop that runs like absolute death at idle/low load warm or cold. Coughs, gags, misses, stumbles, etc.....acts terribly lean......but drive it like it's stolen and it runs just dandy.

Checked fuel delivery (OK)....then the "plate" in the fuel distributor (nice and free). Then...started looking for vacuum leaks.

Some mental defective has obviously done some MAJOR tampering with the vacuum lines that run the various emission and CIS components, and I don't have a good schematic of how they were supposed to be before the aforementioned butcher "updated them".

I made the grave error of "lending out" my 107 Service CD....and it never came back...and all I have is a miserable Haynes Manual that just doesn't "get it".

Does anyone have a diagram for this? It's a 1979 Federal/49 State 450 SL, 4.5 V8 with CIS.

Thanks for any help!

Jim Steere
Everything Automotive
Crystal, MI
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