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Jethro Tull
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4.5 V8 EFI/CIS interchange

While working on the SL that's currently making me nuts....I went out and looked at an old (Michigan Rustbucket) '73 SLC I've got. Are the injector holes in the cylinder head the same on the "early" EFI 4.5's and the "later" ones with CIS?

Is there a difference in the EFI and CIS 4.5 that prevents interchanging them, assuming that you do it correctly, and switch everything?

To "cut to the chase"....I've got a sweet-running 4.5 in a '73 450SLC (with 88K actual) that you can literally watch the road go past under your feet......and a gorgeous rustfree '79 450SL with over 200K.

Thanks for any/all input!

Jim Steere
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