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Alright guys, I got new alignment measurements. These measurements were actually taken 2 days before the measurements I posted before. The new ones that i posted previously were taken after they straightened the steering wheel. I don't think it would make a difference in our main concern though. Take a look at the caster on the readings:

...Left: -1.1
...Right: -1.1
Cross Camber: -0.1
...Left: 10.0
...Right: 10.3
Cross Caster: -0.3
...Left: 0.10
...Right: 0.09
Total Toe: 0.19
Set Back: -0.13

...Left: -1.6
...Right: -1.6
...Left 0.14
...Right: 0.14
Total Toe: 0.28
Thrust Angle: 0.00

The caster is higher on the right side, doesn't a higher caster on one side cause it to pull to that side? I belive md217 pointed that out in a previously reply. Can anyone shed some insight to me on what the caster is? Sorry, I'm really new to alignment measurements and don't understand which each is. Can someone explain the caster to me and what it's reading? How do the other numbers look also? The rear end looks even. The only thing that really changed since the last numbers i posted (which were actually more recent) was the Toe. It changed from .14 on the left to .10 and .18 on the right down to .09

Back to the tires. Whether MB adds enough structure and stability to their front ends to take the massive change in loading your tires give, is debatable. That they do change the loading and its effect on prformance isn't.

I thought wider tires actually helped the performance of a car by giving better traction and handeling. Are you saying that the new EVO wheels and the new tires are actually hurting my performance and handeling? That kind of sucks. I thought this was a common upgrade on 500E's, and no one else has encountered this problem before? IF that is the problem. I think the higher caster reading on the right side could be telling us there is still something off.
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