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HDPE's tire/wheel setup is definitely fine for this vehicle. In 1994 Mercedes used this exact wheel/tire size on their Limited Edition version of the E500, no changes were made to the suspension or bushings.

Since nearly all of the suspension components have already been replaced wear should not be an issue either. That leaves either an incorrect alignment or tire problems. HDPE if you can find a friend with similar wheel/tire sizes I would suggest swapping them to determine if the tires are the problem. If they are I would discuss this with whoever you purchased them from and either get similar replacements or an entirely different tire. I suggest Bridgestone SO3's, great ride, handling and looks.

By the way I also have the EVOII Wheels with 245/45/17 Tires, I didn't align my car after installing and don't have any tracking issues at all. Note this setup does increase road feel significantly, but IMO the car needed that.

HDPE keep us posted with your findings.

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