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Re: Thanks Donaldo

Originally posted by Dave Jonas
I followed your advice and "cut" the resistor out of the circuit. Is there any reason to replace the "low speed" resistor other than a quieter fan?

Dave Jonas

None that I know of..

I only mention doing that in extreme climates , as under normal thermal load conditions, it is not needed... but if you live in a high temp/humid inv. , the more air you can push , the better..
Specially at no/low ground speed... that is when you will note the difference... once the high side on an a/c unit gets in the danger zone [ meaning high head pressure ] , you not only get poor a/c efficiency and compresor pressure safety cut outs, but you also get over-heating of engine coolant temps cuz the damn /ac condenser is in front of the cooling radiator... passive heat transfer right where you don't want it....
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