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I'm sorry to hear the fan clutch didn't fix the problem!(( It looks like we are in the same boat and sinking. Not only do I have to change to fan clutch, but most likely the radiator too!!. That really is the only thing left....

I can't recall, but you DID check the cooling system pressure?? Right? (AutoZone rental=$75)

My fan clutch rehab technique should only be used as a temporary fix.
I'm also using the "JimF" CTS sensor mod. So my aux fans have been kicking in around 98c to cool down the car.
I continued to suspect to fan clutch, due to a post stating that the fan clutch will spin at higher RMP's @ idle when the temp of the clutch hits 90c to draw in more air through the radiator. I haven't been able to clarify this yet.
COULD someone tell me if I'm WRONG???

I have a price of $159=tax, BEHR Radiator, local pick up.

Let me know if your interested, I personally won't be able to throw any more cash into my Benz for another 3weeks, just spent a little under a $1000 an various items.

I feel like an ass, got you all excited about the clutch and it didn't work
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