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w126 fuse #15 problem w/ alarm

Hi.. I was trying to fix my driver's window so I took off the door panel. Found that the rear teeth on the regulator has worn/broke off. So bummer. Not something I can fix with basic tools. Well... I put the panel back on... start the car and BAM! the alarm goes off... the car lights blink and everything. I am in a residential area.. neighbors all over and this car is honking like crazy. i start to freak.. first thought was turn car off and restart. Nothing happens.. so I pull open and lock the doors.. still nothing. Next thing was to disconnect battery... but I realized I never did this and I freaked. So I went into the fuse box and pulled every single fuse out.. big and small, red/white/blue... all. This quieted the car. Wow... at this point I am sweating like a pig. I am dirty from working, I look like a bum... and I am working on a relatively clean car. So now I was afraid some one is not going to recognize me and think I am a car jacker I go back.. start putting the fuse back into place. Each one was good untill I put #15 back in and went to start the car. Again.. the alarm went off. I went to the fuse box and removed #15 and the honking stopped. Can anyone please offer any advice on what I should look for?? Till then, I am taking a shower and watching TV. I need to relax
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