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Nick Jamal
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Hi all,
Thinking about replacing (gulp) old faithful (86 300E) as a daily driver with another wagon - we also run an 89 300TE. Probably will keep the 86 for backup...
Well, my questions: When did MB update the valve seals? I seem to remember April 1988 on the assembly line (thus affecting some model year '88 cars)? Is this right? And when were the valve guides updated (1990s?). I don't think I want to invest in something newer than an '89 or '90 model...
Finally - don't hate me - but I tested a couple of Volvo 960 wagons recently - they seem to manage themselves quite well on then road! They don't have the cachet of a Benz, certainly - but is it a bad comparison? I've never owned a Volvo, but they seem to have a good reputation. Of course, I'm utterly brainwashed by media influence at this point...
Thanks in advance to all MB lovers in cyberspace!
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