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OMG Shine some light on why my trunk opens by itself on full stops

This has got to be the most STRANGE thing EEEEVER to happen to me. In our 1999 E320, everytime you come to a complete stop the god damn trunk openes by it's own fuccing self and that red light illuminates on the trunk release button. This only happenes when you completely stop the car, you can't imagine how embarrasing this is when it's a red light. I avoid this by not completely stopping and by pushing the brake just enough to move forward reaaal slow but there's times you can't really do that and you end up having you completely stop and POP goes that god damn trunk and there I go running out the car to close it, thank god after it's closed it doesn't open again till you pick up speed over about 20 MPH and stop completely again.

I have NO idea what this can be, but it's so crazy and embarrasing.
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