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Question W124 (260E) Bumper Removal/Refinish Question and Tips

Today I removed my front bumper and repainted it. I am planning to do the rear next. In reading the forums, I am seeing that the rear bumper for the W124 has 6 bolts, accessible through the trunk. When eyeballing mine, however, I see only 4, and the mounting bracket does not seem able to accommodate any more.

Are there two more that are not visible?

FYI for 1989 260E owners: The consensus in the forums is that the W124 front bumper has 6 bolts. It actually has 7. There are two 10MM bolts in brackets on the left and right side, where the bumper wraps around the fender. There are two approx half-inch bolts in front of each wheel; and one 10MM in front of the radiator (you must raise the hood for this one). If you remove it last, the one in front of the radiator will prevent the bumper from dropping off and breaking the temperature sensor, which you can remove easily after unscrewing the license plate and then the filler strip behind it.

Also FYI for every W124 owner: removing the front bumper is very simple, and probably one of the few jobs that can be done entirely by feel, and without looking. In fact, you really have no choice unless you have the car on a lift.

If you are planning to refinish your bumpers, this is much smarter then leaving them on the car.
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