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88 560SL ac center vent

Hi all

does any one know what would cause the center vent to stop working in the SL - I still get cold air out of the side vents but now it is stuck sending air to the defroster -- I did a search but can not see anything that matches -- I think I remember a vac control to the left of the ac dash control - I thought that that only opened and closed the center vent -- why does it come out of the defroster?

I just had the system checked -- they evac and recharged and fixed the pressure switch in the dryer for the aux fan as well as some inline fuse -- this is not related I know -- but I took it out today and all was great rode for about an hour including stop and go -- never even hit the 100 mark -- when I restart plenty of cold air just not from the center vent.

I have to say that I hate the ACC in this car - My dads SEL years ago was just as bad -- I wish it was manual.

Thanks any and all
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