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Are you sure you live in Glendale???


You (your Dad) own a Mercedes, like 90% of everyone in Glendale, and your worried about punching it a bit???

You do live in Glendale? Right??

Gilly's post to you... word for word ... FOLLOW IT.

Punch it a least once a week. Heres what I do about once a week if needed.
Get on the 2 FWY, about 10pm or so and floor it for a couple exits. Get off and get back on going the opposite way.
Take the 2 S. to the 5 N. to the 134. Exit Harvey. You just circled Glendale, its nice driving at night, all the freaks are sleeping or vodka'd up and ain't driving anywhere with their w140's they really can't afford.

DRIVE SAFE Mr. Glendale
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