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you could also get one form a local car stereo shop that does alarms. you'd want a "Pin Switch".

Thats what you should call that "Thingy" its a pin switch.

I'm sure a junkyard will have one, or partshop here. if you want to find something to use in its place without ordering a factory part, and aftermarket one from a car alarm installer should work.

I'm not sure but when the switch is pushed in its either an open circuit or closed(short). when it is closed , the light will go on or off, or vice versa. it depends on how its wired.

The easiest quick fix so you don't wear out the battery is to pull the trunk light bulb.

The trunk panel is secured with clips, and should not be too hard to remove, just be careful with thye clips as you can break them.

It would be a good idea to order some of these clips when you order the part just in case you break some. missing clips = rattles/improperly installed panels.

hope that helps.


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