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Thumbs up My W126 and W116 are looking better...

...every day!

It only takes a couple threads like this to make one realize why older MB's seem to appeal more to people who really love cars than to the swarm of mindless little e-consumers the educational system is putting out, in droves...

I don't have an options list in front of me but what do you think it costs to just put a sunroof and a navigation system on a new E-Class (Over $40 large and which doesn't come with a sunroof as standard equipment)?

Back-up protection, active suspension, cruise with collision avoidance, I-DRIVE on a BMW, ON-STAR, etc. Stuff I DON'T WANT AND DON'T EVER WANT TO PAY TO REPAIR when it goes bad, which it probably will. THOUSAND DOLLAR KEYS!
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