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madstevo - don't feel like an ass, there is no guarentees with this kind of stuff. My wife is on me to stop wasting money on the car because I'm selling it. I've had 2 shops look at the car and they both said it run's fine, so of course I'm just being anal and would like the car to be cooling 100% to the new buyer. That's the main reason why I'm going through all this.

madstevo, tkamiya - Are you both talking about the same thing? If so, I will say itright now that at this point I need specific instructions on how to test this stuff. Let me know what I got to do.

suginami, chowpit - nope, I have not replaced it nor do I plan on it after spending all this money. Again, the car is for sale so I'm losing lots of money that I'm putting into the car since I won't get any out of it, especially doing a new radiator plus labor.

ahh, the grief continues.....
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