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Thanks,guys I'll take a look at it tomorrow. As I remember, there are no visible switches on the stat housing (unlessyou mean below the top) The A/C fuse is on the passenger side, but the aux fan fuseis on the driver's side between the battery and the brake master cyl. There are two separate fuse boxes containing two fuses each there. the one closest to the master cyl, I beliive is for the sliding roof. The other box contains the aux fan fuses. Only one of these fuses keeps blowing.

It's the one on the outside of the engine. I'm not sure if I should mess with this myself, but it will be great to pass this on to my mechanic to take a look.

I haven't noticed any overheating at all, however my temp gauge jumps up and down like it's possessed once the engine warms up.

Thanks again,

1976 230.4
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