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Hi Dave,

Sorry to get back so late, but here is my situation. I'm in the middle of a move out state. I don't have the time right now to do any heavy duty work. I understand that the cylinder number two is not so hot, but from the test drive before I messed up the idle was not so bad that I can deal with it. I will deal with the head once I'm settled to the new place.

I just got a new potentiometer and a new mixture screw. Oh! by the way nothing was harmful neither the A/F or screw, I adjusted so much that it ran out of adjustment, but I'm going to replace the screw any way.

I did use a drill and some easy out tools, I was able to remove the mixture screws today.

Now my questions are where should I put my plate in the funel using the mixture screw??? Should I put it close to the bottom ring, top ring or a 1/16" below the bottom ring??? I have no idea now??? Should I with the key on adjust the mixture screw and monitor some test point for 0.7V?? I forget what test points I should monitor, while adjusting this mixture screw. I also confuse with the EHA test point.

Let me re-iterate this one more time. 1/ How do I adjust the EHA and 2/ How do I adjust the ON/OFF cycle, 3/ How do I adjust the 0.7V. If you can step by step for me on this I would be so damm happy and would kiss a camel any day.

Or to make it less confusion, what I have is a new mixture screw, a new potentiometer, and an unknown plate position. What would you suggest that I should do to head in the right direction.

As always, I owed this site lots of favors.

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