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Purpose of the engine fan?

I know, sounds like a dumb question and probably is, but my real question is: does the fan (which runs off the serpentine belt), force air into the radiator, or pull air through the radiator? I would think it would pull air through the radiator, otherwise the air being forced into the radiator by the vehicle's movement forward would be stagnated by the fan blowing air from the opposite side, right???
The reason for my question is that I want to be sure that I did not reinstall the fan on the fan clutch backwards. I just replaced the serpentine belt tensioner, ('92 300TE 4Matic), but instead of removing the fan clutch assembly, (center allen bolt was stripped), I just took off the three small bolts that hold on the plastic fan blades. Unfortunately, I didn't concentrate on the direction of the fan blades when I removed it, (duh!), but when I went to reinstall it, it seemed to only fit in the direction it's in now, which pulls air through the radiator, thus blowing the air onto the engine block. Based upon the drawing in the repair schematic from the W124 Repair CD however, it is backward. Which is correct? Thanks.
P.S. I have double-checked and the belt is properly installed. Thanks.

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