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He said: Why don't you by a a Ford?

At my job, I work with a bunch of redneks who believe in Ford and GM products only. Piles of high performance magazines for GM and Ford engines and pretty much that's all they talk about. Last Friday I left work and while walking towards my car, I saw a cluster of those ford and GM maniacs gathered around a car. I walked towards them to see what's up. Well, some lady had a flat tire on here VW Getta. Two guys wrestling trying to get the log bolts out with a wrench from (I guess) there Ford or GM cars. They were *****ing and saying"Why don't you buy a Ford". I personally hate Ford and I believe it is the biggest piece of S**t car made in the US. I said " Just because you can't get the log bolts out, you asking her to buy a Ford? I looked at the log bolts then reached to my BMW and pulled the wrench out of my trunk as it was the same for VW, BMW, and MB (17 mm). I changed here tire in less that 10 minutes. Then walked away. I own a BMW (I had 12 over a period of 8 years) and a MB and you guys should see me defending the German technology. I get really really offended if someone insult a BMW or a MB. One guy at work once told me. I drove a BMW and did see anything specia. I told him: If you can't tell the difference between a BMW and a Ford, then stick to your Ford.
Several years ago during college days, a girl that I dated wanted to break up with me because it was not working out and this relationship wasn't going no were (all that Bu** S**t). I said fine. Then I told here" You probably did not come out with anything out of this relationship, but at least you got to ride in a BMW" Oh well, I guess I am going to bed.
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