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1993 300se power/ignition intermittent

I have a 1993 300se. Recently I have been experiencing no power when I go to start the car. No dash lights, etc. Sometimes if I hold the key in the start mode, it will start after a 5-6 second delay. Mostly there is no power when I go to start. I cycle the switch on and off a couple of times and sometimes that works. There is no set pattern or rhyme or reason to getting it started again. I have even cycled the gear shifter assuming it may be the neutral safety switch. That doesn't seem to matter either. When the power comes on, all is well. I checked the battery connections and they are clean and tight. Also, what I have had much less frequently was that the car just died while I was driving, doing 75mph in the fast lane. No warning it was coming. I pulled over and restarted without incident. I have read in the forum about intermittent ABS/ASR lights which I have also had but very infrequently. It is mainly just a "no power, no start" nearly every time I go to use the car. I'm going to dig into the car today, just wanted a little guidance before I hit it.
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