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Question Cruise Control and ABS malfunction?

I am a new owner of a '94 E320 (79K) and new to the Mercedes line all together. On the way home after picking up the car I experienced a couple of issues.

I have been reading various postings on the cruise control problems. I am experiencing a weird problem where the CC tries to engage for a second or so and then falls off. The weird thing about it is that it will work below 40mph only! How is that for a weird one?

The other issue was that after some 150 miles of driving non stop my ABS light came on. After turning the ignition OFF and then back ON it went away.

There have been some postings stating a faulty voltage regulator could be a culprit for both the ABS and also to the CC failures? Then there have been postings regarding the actuator, brake ligth bulbs and even unmatched tires.

Any info would help.
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