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I asked earlier about my car having very poor acceleration, your suggestions helped quite a bit but I am still having problems. Acceleration has improved but still is slow. This is how the car runs for the most part. If the car is cold it takes about 10 seconds of cranking to get the car going, then it just rumbles along at about 500rpm until it warms up alittle bit, once it has reached operating temp it runs alittle smoother. To get the car moving I have to floor the gas, well this wouldnt be such a problem but the transmission is upshifting at 3000rpm at full throttle. The car feels as if it is starving for gas, and the exhaust has a real strong odor to it. Ill give you alittle info on what I have replaced so far. I have replaced the rotor, spark plug wires, spark plugs, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel tank strainer, fuel distributor and the fuel relay. I had alot of this stuff replaced at a local mechanic, who I think caused something major to happen to my car. Could the computer controls malfunctioning cause this? Also on a side note, the fuel pump makes this intermittent scratching noise. Thanks for your help so far and I look forward to your replies.

1986 300E
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