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I'm not a technician but heres my opinion.

I recommend the factory oil filter from the dealer. go check one out at the dealer then check out the other brands that you find at the auto parts store. to me the factory filter is a better filter. It seems like it is much stronger and better made than the others.

I looked at the purolator, and the inside filter element was slightly smaller thean the mercedes one, and had a wrap over it with holes in the wrap. the filter element seemed softer than the factory element.

I asked my parts guy at the dealer about this, and he concurred that the factory filter is best.

I judged it based on what I actually saw. forget price differences, the factory filter is roughly $13.50 for my car the purolator one? $5-7. so for a few extra bucks, I get the factory part.

I would only buy aftermarket if the factory part was just way out of line expensive. and if money is a factor.

I would rather spend the extra few bucks for the factory part. So I have to budget a little bit more if I spend the extra cash on the factory part, but to me its worth it.

I have no maintenance history on my car so its up to me to keep the car running well and serviced. I already gave it a hot, overnight oil drain and filter change with fresh castrol gtx oil, and my car is now driving much much better.

I plan on running some fuel injector cleaner, adding a new air filter, and getting the tranny fluid changed and all the other fluids, gear oil, power steering, brake fluid etc, as soon as I can just to make sure they are all good, and so I can keep track of the milage on the fluids.

A Good lubrication on all the grease joints will also be on that list. along with new motor mounts or tranny mounts or both if needed.

And possibly replacing the wheel bearings just to be safe.

When you don't know how well your car was taken care of its hard to undo any damage done, but at least you can try to prevent any more damage being done.

one of the major things I recommend for that 560 is to put on good tires, soft tires will wear out very very quickly.

Good luck on the car, let me know when you have some pics of it, I wouldn't mind checking it out. I miss the 560 SEL we used to own.

In fact I almost got a 560SEC over my 300CE, but I just had to get the 300ce, I love the car, and with gas prices right now, the v8 just wouldn't be a good thing for me.

For about a year and a half I was looking at 300CE's, 400E's, 560SEC's, BMW 540I's, and BMW 325IS's. I also looked at a few other cars, and ended up going with the 300CE. I really wanted a coupe, not a sedan and not a convertible, though I wouldn't have minded a 300Ce cabrio. I did also look at a few 300e's, I had ofund one that was decked out to the max, but could tell it had been wrecked and rebuilt, so I stayed away from it, but I did look at some prime examples as possible cars to get.

Overall, I am very pleased with the 300CE, for me the power is excellent, and the handling is great. the car drives like a dream, and I love it.

I'm sure I'd be saying the same about any of the other cars, though I knew I wanted a benz over a BMW. I did say if I'm going to get a 4 door 124 series, it'll be a 400e. But like I said I really wanted a coupe, and I got it.

Long post, sorry I tend to ramble late at night...


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