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I doubt your clutch is failed. The more prevalent failure mode is to have the fan fail to turn with the engine even when the engine is hot enough to have activated the clutch, not lock up. If you check the car first thing in the morning after it has had a chance to cool you should get more representative results. Start the car, let it run for a minute or so, then shut it off and see if the fan blades turn by hand.

In reality the fan blades should be hard to turn when the clutch is engaged, but not impossible. It is a fluid clutch (unless your vehicle has an electromagnetic one, in which case I am not sure of its behaviour with the clutch engaged and the motor not running), and the design limits the torque the clutch can transfer, which limits the speed of the blade wheel. So, when engaged it runs like it was locked up until the engine rpm gets over about 2500 or so, when it begins to slip a bit. By 3,000 rpm the clutch reaches its maximum torque transmission limit and the fan will not speed up when the engine speed increases.

I hope this helps. Jim
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