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88 560SL ac center vent -- update please Steve

Steve thank you for the pictures

I started to look around under the dash

I do have vac to the system

The outside vent is working in both directions, it opens as the system cools down and will close when you press the toggel switch -- when I turn the wheel to HEAT the system turns the heat on and opens the floor vent on the right footwell.

I do not get any air from the center in AC -- the defroster stays on all the time and I do not get air from the driver floor vent on HEAT-- air will come out at the driver door port when I turn the dial to HEAT.

I replaced the pushbutton about 4 or 5 years ago - kima about 3 years - new comp manafold -- 134 changover and associated parts last year -$$$

I guess I will take the center off and look around. On the pictures please tell me that the diaphram for the center vent is not inside the box ! Any sugestions on what to look for -- I do not hear any leaks but then you may not be able to.

Thanks all
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