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Engine fads come and go. Back when "turbos" were developed for aircraft engines by General Electric back in the WW II era they were correctly called "turbosuperchargers" to distinguish them from mechanically driven superchargers. This was, at some point, shortened to "turbocharger". WW II vintage aircraft engines designed for high altitude operation usually had two stages of boost, and some configurations had a turbosupercharger in series with a supercharger to provide the two stages. I recall that the B-17 was an example of a radial of this configuration and the Allison V-1710 V-12 as used the P-38 was an example of an "inline" engine of this configuration.

Turbochargers were all the rage in the eighties, but not too many OEMs offer them anymore. They can create a lot of thermal problems and coke the oil, and despite claims to the contrary, they all have lag. Superchargers of modern design with improved efficiency seem to be the choice of most OEMs who want to offer a boosted engine - no major thermal issues and no lag, and they package very nicely in the valley of a V-type engine.

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