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Thanks "kestas" and "Sfred" for the input (and concern). To "kestas" the idea of the '75 MB 450SE is not to help the teens I work with other than give them 4-doors w/o climbing over each other and a large trunk for me to stow their bags/sporting equipment. What started as a vintage Volvo wagon search took a detour to this particular MB due to its overall (observable) condition. You are both correct about "impressing" them. They think most of the vehicles I buy/drive are "ugly" or "cheese-wagons" or several other names. I happen to enjoy some of the less expensive, European vehicles and have had great times working/driving them. I have never ventured into MB ownership yet have been impressed w/their safety and in my eyes design. So . . . I would prefer diesel, 4-doors, vintage yet not collectable, and relatively reliable. As I continue looking, I was hoping to get some suggestions on which models/years might provide some fun/interesting yet utilitarian experiences.

Sfred - if style impressed these teens that I work with in the same sense we tend to view it you would be correct about the SL. The SE is not in the same class yet on the surface fits the passenger/cargo aspect (with roof rack for Kayaks and Mountain bikes).
Thanks again and I'll keep looking for "other than the '75 MB
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