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1979 450SLC Parked For Long TIme

I just adopted a 1979 450 SLC that has been parked in the South and under cover for approx. 1 - 1-1/2 years. The car was not prepped for storage, however, it was well taken care of before being parked. I am replacing the belts, hoses, sparks plugs, cap and rotor, filters, fluids, battery, and draining the gas before trying to start the car. Any input out there as to other preventative maintenance before trying to start??? I am most concerned about popping a ring off if one has stuck to the sidewall, breaking a lifter or valve, etc. Can or should I find a way to slightly turn the shaft so that not too much immediate pressure is placed on the rings, etc.??? Should I replace the timing chain as a preventative measure?? I am told to disconnect the selenoid and ground it while trying to start the car to bring the oil pressure up.

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