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*update* to rapid brake pad wear in '03 E320 (10k miles) need help dealing w/ dealer

After taking the advice of the techs here, I did not bother to service the brakes on the car. It was taken the dealer. Just got a phone call from the dealer and it appears the rear pads are worn and causing the indicator lamp to turn on. The car was NOT driven with the parking brake on. That would be my first indication of rapid rear brake pad wear. However, the service advisor explained it that "the car was driven hard, and if the brake system detects rapid acceleration, it will apply the rear brakes."

I don't buy this excuse and I'm certainly not accelerating or driving the car hard. This is not my race car nor spirited weekend car. I already have an S2000 for that.

So what do I do? Eat the cost of the rear brake pad service and wait for it to happen again? I like to say I don't have the experience or knowledge to be called a mechanic but I'm no fool when it comes to the mechanics of a car.

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