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Without a picture, I am not sure I can say it clearly but I will try. For the 602 engine, there are five small pipes on top of the fuel injection pump. One end of the pipe screws into the pump and the other end connects to the high pressure fuel line going toward the injector. Inside each of the five small pipes is a delivery valve. There is a metal washer at the bottom end of the small pipe laying flat inside the hole where the pipe screws in. Also, there is a rubber O-ring around the pipe near the bottom end of the pipe.

The small pipe needs to be torqued in a specifc way as called for by Bosch when it is screwing into the fuel injection pump. If you follow correct instructions to install the pipe and it makes unusual noise, I was told to retorque it again.

To retorque the pipe, you need a special 32-point socket. IMPCO was selling the socket for about $30, I think the price is now, $18. Each pipe has a locking ring which has to be removed before retorquing.

The retorquing is easy to do but if you do not do it right, you may damage the fuel injection pump. I do not have the instructions with me.


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