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Thanks for the update. I am looking at my car and a picture of the repair manual. What I see on top of the pump are 5 big pipes (big in comparison to the fuel piping that runs out of these pipes on it's way to the injector) with grooves in them. I assume that these are the pipes are the ones that require a special tool to to retorque. When retorqing is it required that you disassemble it and put in a new washer, since the old washer may have been flattened already or may I just retorque them?
I do appreciate everyones help here. What really amazes me is that not one dealer in the Baltimore area could figure this out, but when I have explained to them the theory, everyone seems to aggree that it would work.
Keep up the great work!!!!!
In the mean time, I am going to call the Bosch service center in Baltimore and see if they have any instructions from Bosch on this.
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