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Boogie boards are NOT in the manuals!

but, it worked for me. May be... it is a Florida thing.
Wow! I did not know this was a controvertial issue. I better don't mention that I use the "sucking" method to change my oil...
Seriously, I do not have any ASE certifications under my belt but, I was NOT comfortable taking the head apart by myself. The boogie board is soft enough to give enough clearance to the valve and bolts sticking out of the head.
On the other hand, too bad this "exchange of views" did not come when I was asking for advice in my original posting BEFORE the job.
Head gasket/valve job 103 engine
The job is done now. Just enjoy the pictures and if you have pictures of YOUR head/valve them for the benefit of all the forum members.
I am having a great day...Are you?
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