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Fixed it.
Parts $135 Fan clutch.
Changed in 10 minutes. it is, problem with the fan clutch was the bearing behind the nut were jammed and it was visible only after removal, apparaently the bearing got jammed inside the clutch. After taking the radiator cover off, I noticed a wobble in the fan. This was not visible with the fan shroud on.

Now my car doent run like a JET taking off :p

Now my temp is back to where mercedes intended around 96 C.
before when the fan clutch was engaged all the time it was 86 C.

I like to run the cooler engine personally I like below 90 C. I ordered a part from radio shack a small resister it is very easy to install anto the 1 of the temp switch it will drop my temp by 10 C.
It will allow the 2 fans to come on early, thus cooling before 95 kicks in.

Hope this helps with fan clutch problems.
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