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Question Vacuum Leak ? Hesitation after stop


'88 260E

Today I noticed that when I started driving at any red light the engine hestiated so bad that it almost stalled. I had to keep pumping the gas pedal to finally keep it going. Once on the road it would accelerate well.

I have been seaching the forum and from what I read there might be vacuum leak somewhere. I say this because I read that applying the break (which I do before any red light) uses up so much vacuum.

Once I got home I checked the vacuum hoses that I know of and injectors seat for leaks listening through a plastic hose. The only place I noticed a hiss was the seat of fuel injector of cyl #2. (the other seals had no hissing at all). I have not re-sealed it yet but would this be the big culprit? Can someone please send me the location of all the vacuum hoses so I can check for more leaks.

Thanks a bunch in advance.


'88 260E
'86 300 Manual
'84 944
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