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I read this topic with great interest since I just got my car and have don't know if its ever had the tranny pan off or not yet
(car has 74k miles)

Car shifts firmly between 1st and 2nd and 2nd to 3rd is usually smooth as silk but, under
full throttle acceleration,car shifts fairly smoothly but there is significant loading and unloading in the torque converter I think.
(I have no experience whatsoever with transmissions)
but I would describe this force as equivalent to the forces a manual transmission car would have under full throttle acceleration, gears selected fairly smoothly but once next gear is selected you can feel significant thrust as in a manual car. Could I be in the same boat as far as bands are concerned? How much could I expect for a dealer to service? Any feedback whatsoever would be greatly appreciated...Thank you MIKE MCKINNEY

'91 190E 2.6
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