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Missing hose on 95 E320T?

I was hoping someone could help me with this. I have owned a 95 E320 wagon for almost 2 years now. Recently I have learned a lot about the car just from reading the posts on this site. With the guidance of the site, I have repaired my passenger seat head rest (thanks!).

While poking around under the hood of the car, I have found out that I will eventually need to replace the engine wiring harness. The other thing that concerns me is that one of the auxiliary pumps that is run on the serpentine belt has an empty outlet with no hose attached to it. I can't figure out what this pump is. It is located on the right (passenger) side and above the alternator. I have included a picture here. The white arrow is pointing to the empty outlet on the pump. Is this supposed to go somewhere? Or should it at least be covered so dirt does not get in? To orient you, the fan is on the left and the exhaust manifold is on the right, the top of the picture is the air filter housing and the bottom is the engine.

BTW, can anyone recommend a print service manual (not CD) for this car? Thanks.


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