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PLEASE...Do yourself a huge favor and get

a Mercedes Starmarked car. I purchased a 1995 S420 that had 80K miles and had previously been under (original or extended) it's entire life. All books and records were there but even with all that over the last 10 months Mercedes has spent over $20K in repairs! The scary thing is that none of this work was major.

For example:

AIR pump clutch bad - $1500
New shocks - $1500
A/C pushbutton - $1000
Many engine oil seals - crankshaft, valve cover oil pan, etc...
Idle control valve - $1000

etc, etc, etc......

The starmark doesnt look like alot on paper but it actually covers alot more than they claim. Out of all these repairs my total out of pocket has been $300 for a couple of bad vacuum hoses and maintenance.

The upside is that now the car is like new and I dont expect to have many more "issues" going forward.

Oh, the other good thing about starmark is that they also do a thorough belts, fluids, alignment.......

Good luck!
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