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Put the new fan clutch in yesterday. Car cold - fan roars for a few seconds and drops to lower spin. Car hot - noticed something I never noticed before with the old clutch. As the engine temp climbed to 85C the fan still lazily turned - even if you revved the engine. When the temp hit 90C - you could hear the fan speeding up - when the engine was revved the fan roared. The roaring continued for about 10 seconds and the fan slowed down again - the temp guage was down at 85C! Keeping the engine at about 1500 RPM I sat and watched. The engine temp climbed to 90C - the fan roared - the temp dropped to 85C - the fan slowed down. This cycling continued with the engine temp varying between 85C and 90C - max. It really was amazing to see the fan roar and the temp drop so fast. I can't say I have seen this with my old clutch as my car always ran between 85C and 103C depending on conditions. Sometime soon I will take the old clutch apart and find out what failed on it - though I am positive it will be a sticky valve or bad bi-metal strip. Hope what I noticed with the new clutch is of some help to others. By the way - related topic - when my bad clutch allowed the car to get hot - my aux fan did not kick in until engine temp hit 107C - then ran until the engine temp dropped to 100C. So to those who think their aux fan does not work - wait until your engine temp is 107C and see if it cuts in before thinking it is not working. From what I have learned - it is only a backup if the viscous fan cannot handle the load to keep the engine below 107C. Tonite I work on the hydraulic system groaning proportioning valve.
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