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Thanks. Having stumbling trouble...


Thanks for your response, vince. The car seems to be having some trouble getting off the line which is what precipitated my getting into working on it.

It starts off smoothly if I take it lightly on the gas. If I push a little harder on the accelerator, it seems to stumble and quietly backfire. Once it's moving, it runs normally - from just above idle, to flooring it, it's ok. It just doesn't like starting out. My reading on this site makes me think it's the coil ends. I"m thinking tune it up (hasn't been done in a LONG time and is overdue), and see where that leaves me.

I hope it's not the harness - I understand (as you pointed out) that it ain't cheap to have it done. I also understand that the part itself is costly, too. Is the harness too difficult to install at home, or, is that definitely a shop task? I've read it's time consuming, but, hey...I have more time than money.


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