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I think either method is fine. mer personally, I like larry's whole drain it hot and often comment, and the overnight draining. My car is running much much better since I did that.

personally I go one step further than larry and jack up the right side of the car further helping the oil drain out the plug.

Regardless of oil staying in parts of the engine, changing it more often will at some point clean out that extra dirty oil that stays, or dilute it with enough fresh oil for it to work its way out of the system more..

I plan on changing my oil every 3000 to 3500 miles. Personally I want my car to last, and after my poor habits with my old car, its definately something I want to get in the habit of doing.

In fact I changed the oil in my old car just before I changed the oil in the benz. I'm ashamed to say how bad the oil in my other car was, as I dont think I really got it changed much at all. lets just say I've seen coca cola with more viscosity than the oil that was in my old car...

Of course the old car is a jeep, has been sunken in a mud puddle, and has towed a 5500 lb boat on several occasions. the only problems with the car is the tranny, slips in a couple of gears like reverse if ya hit the gas too hard, or if you downshift into lets say 3rd at speed. other than that the car actually drives fine, though the brakes are in no way that good, especially after driving a benz I wonder how I ever got that damn jeep to stop. LOL

so based on the way that car is, and I did a good 70k miles on it since I had it, I dont want my benz to get like that so frequent oil and other fluid changes will be my thing.

I'm thinking of changing the tranny fluid and filter soon. is this a diy job or should I have it done by a "pro" i hate messing with gaskets and gasket sealants. I usually end up getting it either all over where its not supposed to be, or all over me....

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