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Red face The Best advise I've heard ...

The best advise I have ever read in a forum - addressed to me - was ...

There is no cheap mercedes!

You will either pay now or later.

With that said I have purchased a 1993 500SEL 2.5 years ago and 40K miles.

I have invested about $9,000 in repairs, then there was the God blessing - the deer kicked my front radiator - $5,500 additional (new radiator and air conditioning components)

I love the car - it is so much better than other cars in the drive and comfort.

My next car will be a E class, with a V8.

This car was never ment to be inexpensive! As others have posted - "small" things are expensive and I have not had a computer break yet - which is my real fear.

I've replaced the ...
air pump
rear blaters (shocks were recommended to be replaced - but I said no and live with a sqeek)
transmistion ($3,000 from mercedes)
front suspention
electronic fuel control
and other items -

I would go with the Starmark car - more money and better warranty. I did puchase an aftermarket warrenty that paid most of my expenses.

Has anyone advised you that the air conditioner dryer for the 140 chassis is behind the dash board - 2 days labor just getting to it.

Summary - I'm glad I have it, I wish it didn't require the maintenance it does - but with the work done - I'm keeping it.

I purchased it with 92K.

There ois a cooling concern with the 140 chassis - as the engine is aluminum - if it ever over heated - it may be warped - bad news.

If you find a 140 that you like - be sure to remove the plastic at the back side of the front wheel wells. If the car ever overheated there will be some oxidized aluminum there.

Comment - my car didn't have the aluminum there - but shortly after I bought the car it did start overheating. That is when the deer (really a deer) kicked my front end - insurace replaced the radiator - andd I have had NO over heating issues since.

Good luck - sorry for the long message.
Thanks for the help
Bill Fisher

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