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I would like to add some Oil to that fire. hehe

I for one dread the thought of crawling under the car to change anything after DIY'ing for 15 years, escecially during the winter months. That said, I tend to go for the easier way of doing things and prefer the Topsider. But before we start taking sides, let me just add my own observation.

The second time I used the Topsider I did a drain with the plug out and let the car sit for over a hour. By that time a drip took over a minute to cycle, with the oil hot. After that hour, I used the Topsider to see if I could scavenge anything else still in the pan. I was able to extract about 2oz. of "rich", dark, creamy CRUD, but only while continuously pumping for about 2-3 minutes, topsider happily gurgling away. I figured I needed the excercise anyway and was just curious anyway. I was surprised, the viscosity of the oil was working in the Topsiders favor.

Moral of the story? Two is better than One! FSO (Flame Suit On)!

BTW, does anybody know of a large, wheeled container to store the used oil, say 10 gallons or so? Going to the Recycler's site is getting annoying, plus I'm getting lazy.

There is one more possible solution i have not seen mentioned yet. Try rigging a disposable shop vac to a hose at the bottom of the oil dip stick! Now there is an idea!

Ross Newcomb
96 C280, Greenish Black
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