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To remove the chrome strip, you have to take the entire bumper assembly off. There is a 17mm bolt on the left and right side of the bumper. You can see this when you look where the wheels are, and put your hand up and feel it. Its really easy to access.. After doing so, open your hood and take a look down at the bumper. There should be another bolt on each side of the bumper shocks. Take those off. Now go under the bumper and you will see 2 more bolts on each side of the bumper shocks and take those off. Now just simply slide the bumper forward and you will have it all off.

Now when you flip the bumper upside down, you will see that the strip is held down by a number of little screws. They are I think about 10mm or so. Just unscrew these and the rest should be straight forward.

Bumper chrome strip removal
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